Sunburn Sun

from the album Swing 'n' Swive (2010)
music and lyrics: Joseph L. Thornburg

Come, sit in the sun with me, and let your face blister, turn red
Come, stretch out, relax down by the summer pool, here comes the hand
Black galaxy stark against your bloodless skin, like Norion rice
Hush, just close the asymmetrical ellipse that is your mouth

The one that's too small for your teeth
That chew on your words when you speak

It's just you and me and sunburn sun

Here, in your delicious "D" (delirium), your nervous laugh
It threatens to crumble cracked already lips, no drop to drink
Rhumba the heat beating down as you beat off, whisper and sigh
We both know it's not the sun that makes you sweat
But let's pretend ... remember when? ...

No regrets as we cast away the fears that we have
Like we cast away the clothes we wear
And we cast away the doubts that we share
It's too late for rescue might as well burn
Just a little pleasure that you have earned

Your dirty hair soaked in your heat
The shadow you can't quite delete

It's just you and me and sunburn sun

Come, sit in the sun with me.