On The Genetic Drive

from the album Swing 'n' Swive (2010)
music and lyrics: Joseph L. Thornburg
backing vocals: Trio Dinidae

The way I understand biology
We're supposed to live-a long enough to spread our seed
Find the perfect mate and do the deed
But matrimony isn't in the cards for me
I'm not concerned with passing my-a genes along
There's gotta be some others who can do that job
Sex is just for pleasure, swing and swive
But am I still responding to genetic drive?

Survival of the fittest do decree
That I pursue the ones who'll make good progeny
See the others chase the handsome guys
Beauty and big dicks, very nice
Porn star looks are a stroke of luck
But they don't mean a thing if'n he can't fuck
That's okay, it leaves the rest for me
Maybe I see something that the others can't see

If he can't get it up, get it in, get it off, his genes ain't going nowhere!

Well, daisy chain to a slip and slide
Take your partner for a ride
Swap some genes and spit and snort
Bow to the one who's a real good sport
Wrong way promenade, doe si doe
One grand blossom, three and four
Opposite corners swing and swive
Courtesy turn, then genetic drive

A-D-E-9, adenine, mighty fine, ooh!
Cytosine, outta sight, make me wanna spend the night, ooh!
Guanine, thymine, poured into a pair of genes
Genotype, phenotype, hey there boy, am I your type?
Chromosone, pheromone, baby can I take you home? Ooh!

Natural selection, average guys
So maybe there's a method to this madness of mine
But overthinking things makes me lose all sleep
And I got better things to do between the sheets
There's more to say but save it for another time
'Coz that guy with crooked teeth is giving me the eye
He sorta funny looking but he know how to swive
Can't spend all night a-thinkin' 'bout genetic drive