Love From Afar

from the album Swing 'n' Swive (2010)
music and lyrics: Joseph L. Thornburg

It was right after the uninspired film
With the beautiful cinematography
I was driving after midnight, going home
With the sound of soggy pavement under tires
There had been some heavy raining earlier
There was still a cloudy silence overhead
And the Christmas lights were not yet taken down
And they made my town look like the Vegas strip

Then I pulled into my narrow driveway and
Seven minutes later I shut off the car
And I listened to the silence of 1am
Saw the city lights reflecting from the clouds
But I couldn't tell you what was on my mind
And you never knew the way I felt before
But with seven thousand miles between us now
It was safe to tell the darkness how I felt

The night before you moved away, across the ocean
I knew you wouldn't be back this way
And I'm afraid to fly