Look Out, World!

from the album Swing 'n' Swive (2010)
music and lyrics: Joseph L. Thornburg

Dangerous poison, they warn me, they tell me
Hazardous person, oh, he's no good for me
How can I be goddamned reckless, unthinking?
He'll lead me off of a cliff into nothing

Well, I say, look out, world! I'll follow!
The rushing air between my legs excites
I'll hit the ground, it'll flatten me
My bones will pulverize, from lust to dust to dust

Thrilling, like swimming with sharks in a bathtub
He moves and proves me like geometrical theorems
How can I sense danger when I'm fucked senseless?
He'll tie me down to the tracks of a railroad

Well, I say, stand back, world! Don't rescue!
The coming train gets louder, faster, closer
Hits me and the helplessness
Under its size and power is quite a rush to rush

Well, I say, get lost, world! Skedaddle!
There's better things to do than mind my love
So hit the road and let me be
No better way to go, it's marvelous

Well, I say, drop dead, world! I'm happy!
I didn't ask for your opinion
I'm like bare steel in pouring rain
i'm oxydized, baptized, it's rapturous to dust