Frankie Oh

from the album Swing 'n' Swive (2010)
music and lyrics: Joseph L. Thornburg

Music gives agility
A sine wave logarithm
I dance like Betty Cooper
Or an LED metronome
Plasma strobes roll back the wall
Now ain't this freak storm somethin'
I've never met my match before
But then again, I've not met Frankie Oh

Stranger sees me look his way
He joins me without asking
We love in shattered silver ice
We are neon reflections
He's a ride with a crest so steep
You can't see what is comin'
A Midas touch to turn you on
Or turn you inside out, that's Frankie ...

Oh no, I can't compete
Can't say no to Frankie Oh
Dance like mirrors, cheek to cheek
Place your bets on Frankie Oh
Don't you laugh at a name like that
Don't you mess with Frankie Oh
I can't focus, I can't see
Struggle in vain 'gainst Frankie Oh

Laser love, a fatal light
Lips vindaloo for kissin'
He leaves you ruined like a souffle
You don't know what you're missing
Protons dancing on his skin
And arms like anacondas
The street lights pop when he goes by
That electronic fire is Frankie Oh

Ten percent to seventy coz
My mind's activatin'
The cannon fodder dream about
Our mutual distraction
Ten cups of joe before we sleep
To wake in golden splendor
And if I die before i wake
Then let me die like this with Frankie ...