Comet Boy (2001)

  1. The Fascinating Ground
  2. Bilobar
  3. Joe's Friends
  4. Comet Boy
  5. The Day I Saw Your Blender
  6. Samsara
  7. Dave
  8. Chomolungma
  9. Fuck
  10. Mercurial
  11. The Accident
  12. Reason to Celebrate

(total running time, 36:49; contains explicit lyrics)
All songs written, arranged, and performed by Joseph L. Thornburg except:
4, 6, 9, 11 backing vocals by Trio Dinidae (lead vocals on 10)


Recording on Comet Boy began on March 3, 2001 and was completed two months later on May 6. Comet Boy was initially released to the public on August 7, 2001. Nearly a year later, after shopping the CD around to several radio stations in California, (King) Jogo struck gold with KSPC (88.7FM, Claremont), who reviewed Comet Boy as their Pick of the Week (see below) for September 5, 2002 and began giving it airplay--so much airplay, in fact, that it debuted in the #1 position on KSPC's Top 35 Album Chart for the week of September 16, 2002. Unfortunately, when one starts at the top, there's only one way to go. Comet Boy lasted two more weeks on KSPC's album chart, falling to #5, then #11, before falling off the chart completely.

KSPC's Review

September 5, 2002

JOGO--Comet Boy--JOGO Records

At first listen this sounds like some New York hipster trying to get all retro and weird with drum machines, keyboards, and faux-schitzo lyrics about fantasy deserted islands (Bilobar) and household appliances (The Day I Saw Your Blender), and if nothing else something put out by Vermiform. BUT IT'S NOT. Instead, it's just some random guy from Glendale who's really into Kate Bush. After checking out his website I concluded that this release is unironic and hip-wise unaware; this guy is the real deal. From the home-made computer graphics cover to every crazy lyric in here, this album is bewilderingly GREAT. This is just one of the reasons that we listen to every record that gets sent to us, in hopes that maybe we'll discover the next Jad Fair. HIGHLY recommended.

(a really great big thank you to music director Erika Anderson and everyone at KSPC!)