I'm Handsome Joe, and I offer a variety of home-related services, including:

• Housesitting
• Petsitting
• Decluttering and Organizing
• Personal Assistant
Clutter is sometimes a kind of security blanket, and while people know they should get things organized and get rid of the junk that's piling up, it isn't always so easy to do so—otherwise, they would've done it long ago, right?

With that in mind, I will meet with you for an initial consultation and help you identify your goals and needs. When you secure my services, I will make suggestions and offer solutions, and make it a pleasant and empowering experience. I can act solely as an adviser, or offer a more hands-on approach with either gentle solicitude or a little tough love.

As a Personal Assistant, it's my job to make your life easier; to do tasks and chores so you have more time to do the things you really want, or just relax! I can:

• run errands (e.g., picking up groceries, dropping off dry cleaning)
• prepare simple meals (including vegan and vegetarian)
• type (80wpm) and other secretarial tasks
• proofread (excellent grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills)
• crunch numbers (e.g., spreadsheets, budgeting)
• do housekeeping
I am discreet, resourceful, good with my hands, and inventive. So give me a holler and let's get down to business!

Please note: I do not offer babysitting, nursing, medical caregiving, gardening, landscaping, pool maintenance, or moving services (though I can help you get your stuff organized for moving).
A few words from satisfied clients

"When my partner and I decided to get out of town for a weekend to go camping, we asked Handsome Joe to catsit our two loved ones. Our cats are often shy and persnickety with visitors in our home, but we found our two kitties to be happy and content having found a new friend in Joe. Joe followed instructions to the letter and left our home in great shape after having stayed with our felines for three days. For those pet lovers who are looking for a reliable and honest person to care for their animals while away from them, Handsome Joe easily meets all requirement as a caregiver for animals. We will use him again when we need to leave Jack and Taylor."

Guy Kinney
Palm Springs CA
"Joe looked after my house while I was recently away on a six day vacation. Just before I left, I gave him a rather long and complex task list, and when I returned I found Joe had taken care of everything I had asked him to do meticulously and conscientiously. He also impressed me by proactively alerting me when a couple of unexpected matters came up. I was relieved and grateful Joe was minding my home in my absence, because—even by desert standards—an intense heat wave hit then, and I would have been quite anxious if I didn’t have someone as capable and trustworthy as Joe serving as my home's caretaker at that time."

"I recently hired Joe to do two jobs around the house I had found too daunting to do myself. The first involved removing a very heavy satellite dish from my roof and a messy tangle of dead wiring and cable leads strung along an approx. 100’ long stretch of eaves. The second involved disassembling and removing a series of floor-to-ceiling cabinets and shelves built into the walls and ceiling of my garage along all three of its major walls. Aspects of both jobs were vexing and even nasty, but Joe was efficient and thorough in completing both. What impressed me even more was how resourceful and inventive he was in finding practical solutions to the several logistical problems that cropped up; and his graceful working style, his sense of humor, and upbeat spirit and energy, all of which helped put me at ease during what would have otherwise been a stressful process."

C. Brown
Palm Springs CA
"Joe looked after my two dogs while I was back East for 2 weeks. I found Joe to be extremely reliable, flexible, trustworthy and very good with my two little ones. I had to extend my stay due to illness and Joe willingly agreed to stay with them for the 2 extra days. Joe has an affinity to animals and they sense that. My male dog, who is older and a bit of a grouch, took to Joe quite quickly. He left my place cleaner than I left it when I departed. I would not hesitate to ask Joe to look after my little ones again."

John Westaway
Palm Springs CA
"Our kitchen was a mess. Not so much dirty, just very cluttered. Joe came and was a real help in assisting us to create order out of the chaos. After he had done his work, sensitively and in consultation with us, it was MUCH easier to find things. I can heartily recommend him to anyone facing disorganization or even chaos in their home."

Arlan Wareham
San Bernardino CA
"Joe has been tremendously helpful in going through and organizing all of my paperwork and belongings. After holding onto many things for 20 or more years, Joe was able to understand and categorize things based on the odds that there may be sentimental attachment or business reasons to keep things, versus my nature to keep everything, and was able to reduce my clutter factor by at least 80%. He is good natured, trustworthy and has a keen sense of how to get you organized. I highly recommend him."

Ron Deutsch, Owner/President, Litigation Strike Group, Inc.
Los Angeles CA
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