I've been drawing pictures since I was old enough to hold a crayon. I've designed and coded websites, written and illustrated graphic novels, created original art and photography for album covers (I'm a musician, too), and designed costumes and graphics for various live-action and animated videos. I took a few art courses in college but learned much more spending endless hours browsing the art books in libraries and bookstores.
Technical Skills
Web: HTML, SVG, CSS, JavaScript
Design: Photoshop
Media: Audacity, Videopad

Artistic Skills
Costume Design

Selected Design Projects
2014: El Quitagrapas Mágico
2011: The Jogovision Song Contest
2010: King Jogo album, Swing 'n' Swive
2008: Déann Macalla album, Cumulus Days
2001: King Jogo album, Comet Boy

Influential Artists
Paul Arden
Gene Colan
Gustave Doré
Paul Klee
Jerry Mills
Vaughan Oliver (V23)
Taku Satō
Kenzō Tange
Tsukioka Yoshitoshi

Influential Publications
1970 World's Fair Guidebook
Color Scheme Image Mini Book, Kyōji Ishida
The Animation Book, Kit Laybourne
The Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual, Franz Joseph Schnaubelt
Bronze Age comic books
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