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Fujiko Foster / 藤子フォスター
Fujiko (whose name means "child of the wisterias") is a Japanese-born jewelry designer and web entrepreneur. She and her husband Franklin are very proud of their daughter Felicity, who's attending Harvard.

Motto: My recipe for success is great intelligence, great talent, and above all, great humility.
Bunko "Big Bunko" Kusai / 草井文子
Bunko Kusai worked as an exotic dancer in the Pink Dragon Club in San Francisco, where she met and married one of her regular customers. They then moved to Southern California. Alas, Bunko's husband eventually left her for a much younger woman.

Motto: Love and money come and go, but friends are forever.
Savannah Minami / サバンナ南
Savannah Minami is the youngest Dame; she was born in the American south. After winning a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Sweet 'n' Freezy when their ice cream product brought on an attack of sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia, Savannah moved to Southern California and set up a recording studio in her home, where she is working on her debut album with the help of famous recording engineer Ruben Richards.

Motto: I may look like an angel, but I've got the devil inside.
Patchouli Moonfield / パチョリムーンフェールド
Patchouli's grandparents immigrated from Japan in the 60s, where they fell in with the hippie movement, and changed their last name from Tsukino, which means "Moon Field". She discovered her psychic abilities as a child and now has a long list of celebrity clients.

Motto: I know that something big is in my future!
Sachiko Wakabayashi / 若林幸子
Sachiko was born on the island of Hokkaidō, Japan. There, she met Japanese-American Wataru Wakabayashi. They married and Sachiko became an American citizen. They have two children, Luther and Delilah. In her spare time, she takes taekwondo (Korean martial art) lessons.

Motto: My name means "happy child", and I am very happy indeed.

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