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Welcome to Daijōbu Dames!
Daijōbu Dames, the latest project of producer Joseph L. Thornburg and The Jogoland Group, is a reality show parody that follows the lives of five Japanese-American women living in Southern California. Daijōbu Dames's first season will run five episodes and will debut July 1, 2013, 6pm Pacific Time, on YouTube.
Joseph L. Thornburg got the idea, not surprisingly, while watching the various Real Housewives shows. He noticed that nearly every ethnicity was represented in the various franchises--except Asians. "Where are the Asians? Why isn't there The Tiger Moms of San Francisco or something?" he declared. The idea stuck in his head and he began work on his own series. He wanted an alliterative title--other titles he considered before settling on Daijōbu Dames included "Samurai Sisters", "Chopstick Chicks", and "Fuji Femmes."
What does daijōbu (大丈夫) mean, anyway?
Daijōbu in Japanese means "okay" or "all right." It is pronounced DIE-JOE-BOO.
Daijōbu desu ka?大丈夫ですか。Are you all right?
Hai, daijōbu desu!はい, 大丈夫です。Yes, I'm fine!

The font created especially for this project is Japanese kanji and kana characters altered to resemble the Latin alphabet. For example, the A comes from 入 (to enter), the B from 部 (section), the E from ヨ ("yo" syllable), the K from 犬 (dog), the M from 山, (mountain), and the P from 戸 (door).

© 2013 Joseph L. Thornburg. All Rights Reserved.
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alternate spellings: Daijobu Dames, Daijoubu Dames