My name is Joe Thornburg. I am:
• An artist and designer
• A composer and songwriter
• A blogger
• A professional declutterer
• A videomaker and performer

About me

In first grade, my class staged a "parade of nations" which led to a great curiosity about other countries and foreign languages. My dad's 1970 World's Fair Guidebook and a copy of Richard Scarry's Busy Busy World were my Bibles and I watched Miss Universe and The Eurovision Song Contest.

I always got in trouble in school for talking too much, but I was a precocious kid with a lot to say to the world! I put on shows for my family and recorded radio plays on a portable cassette recorder, and eventually progressed to making movies on super8, then video. Our family lived in England in the late 70s, which had a profound influence on my composing: punk and disco were battling it out in the pop charts alongside eccentrics like Kate Bush and Father Abraham. That's quite an education in songwriting.

In high school I taught myself BASIC on a TRS-80, so making the jump as an adult to HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and SVG was pretty easy. I write the code for all my websites from scratch—no templates for me! In college I studied dance and learned that a good deal of choreography is just an exercise in creative problem solving.

Being creative and artistic doesn't mean I am only interested in working in the entertainment industry or the arts—making videos and staging shows have taught me how to manage time and money, delegate tasks, and deal with setbacks. I like to learn and do a lot of different things and challenge myself—I'm still that precocious, curious kid!

A few words ...

Kate Bush, enka (演歌), Bjôrk; anime, Fellini, Nihongo (日本語), Rhizomatiks, Gus Gus, Gene Colan, Perfume (the band), UA, Eurovision, Kōhaku (紅白), UA, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Steven Universe, Georges Perec, Monocle (magazine), Radiopanik ...
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